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Lash removals, what are they?

Lash Removals

Lash removals, what are they?

This post will explain in detail lash removals. In lash-terms, lash removals and removing lashes are not always the same thing.

Lash removals

Lash removals are a dedicated treatment. To remove all the existing lash extensions a gel remover is used. This product is carefully applied to the lash extensions to dissolve the adhesive bond that holds the extensions to the lash.

The process of Lash removals

Eye pads are applied the same way as they are during the extension process. One eye is worked on at a time, to reduce the risk of stinging eyes. The gel or cream remover is applied and worked into the part of the extension that is attached to the natural lash. As the product dissolves the adhesive material the extensions then slide off. Once all the extensions are removed the eye bathed with water to ensure the product is properly removed from the area. This is repeated on the next eye.

Removing lashes

Removing lash extensions typically involve separating the lash extension from your natural lash. The technician does this using both pairs of her tweezers, one holding the extension and one holding the natural lash. They are gently pulled apart. This technique is usually used during an infill appointment to remove grown out or wonky lash extensions. This technique is not used to remove any more than a few extensions at a time. It is a painstaking process and should only be used to tidy up an existing set.

When a removal is necessary

If you have an existing set that is uncomfortable to wear or was improperly applied a removal is necessary. If you can’t get a brush through your extensions, they need to come off.  Although, most people wear their ‘once in a while’ or ‘for special occasions only’ sets until the last lonely lash drops off. Another reason to remove extensions would be when an allergic reaction occurs. It is best to consult a GP before the lash removals take place in the case of an allergic reaction. In most cases, the removal should not be performed immediately as the eye area may be too sensitive.

Lash removals can be requested when the wearer simply doesn’t like the set that was applied. A fee for the removal may still apply at the discretion of the salon or technician. Changing lash salons. Some salons, understandably,  simply do not trust the work of other salons. These salons require a removal before applying lash extensions in their salon. Meaning, you cannot just get an infill by them.

When a removal is not necessary

Upgrading to a bigger set of extensions. It is not necessary to remove all current extensions when upgrading. The technician will simply add more lashes. Changing styles. Requesting longer, shorter, a more defined curl, cat-eye or doll shaped sets. Have a look here to understand lash extensions. These subtle changes can be done throughout the infill process and does not require a removal unless requested by you. If you want to give your lashes a break from extensions a removal is unnecessary. Unless you want them off immediately, there is no reason you cannot wear your extensions until the last one falls off.

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