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How to stay glamorous on your holidays


How to stay glamorous on your holidays

Ok, so you’ve booked your holidays and your excessive amount of bikinis have arrived from The Iconic. To make sure your lashes are in the best shape possible whilst away there are a few things you can do.

Get your infills or sets a couple of days before you leave.

Not too far in advance as they might not last the trip. Not the day of or the day before as you could risk them getting wet, a muck up with your booking. Also, those last minute things you need to do before you leave take precedence over your lashes. 2-4 days before you leave is the best time frame to get your lashes done.

Try getting a bigger set than usual.

Upgrade to a bigger set before you leave. Your set will last longer if you have more lashes applied. If you have a smaller set of the classic lashes, try getting a bigger classic set. If you have the bigger of the classic sets, try getting a volume set. This will increase the life of your extensions. Have a look at our price list to see how many lashes per eye are in the different sets.

Be extra vigilant with the aftercare

Keeping as many lashes as possible during your trip is important. Especially if it is a long trip (3+ weeks) or one that has some big event (such as a wedding). Get a lash shampoo to keep them clean and free from an excessive build up of oil, there are also lash coating sealants (that are amazing from preserving the adhesive bond from excessive amounts of water and humidity) that are great for extending the life of your extensions.

The coating sealant is great to take with you on any summer holidays, especially those that involve swimming.

Consider getting infills in your holiday destination

This is only a good idea if you will be away for over a month and cannot stand the idea of being lash-less. The lash industry has come a very long way, and is popular all over the world. Ask your technician if she knows of any reputable lash salons in the city that you will be in (which is likely, especially in countries such as America, England, New Zealand, etc.). If you can’t get a recommendation, try going online to find your best options. Take the links to those salons to your current technician to get her opinion. A good technician will always try to look after her clients. Even when you need to ‘cheat’ on her.

Ask your technician to write down your sizes. This way you can take them to the new salon to take the guesswork out of it. Lash technicians have their own language when it comes to sizes.

Mascara is a better option than going to a dodgy salon

Using oil-free mascara is an option. Not the best option, but an option nonetheless. This is just to get you through your holidays. Oil-free is the key phrase here. Make sure you use oil-free make-up remover as well. This is a last resort, but rather use a tiny bit of mascara than risk getting them done in an unknown place. Don’t adopt this practice when you get home though, as using it regularly will reduce the life of your extensions.

Do not, i repeat DO NOT get your lashes done on a whim in a place that is not exclusively a lash salon. If they don’t say they specialise in lash extensions, chances are they don’t specialise in lash extensions. Check out these lash horror stories if you think that it can’t be that bad. It may be hard to be bare of lashes whilst away, but don’t risk the health of your lashes, or even sight for a quick fix. Eyelash extensions involve sharp tweezers and strong adhesives right next to your eyes. Do your research before you leave, or just give them a miss. There have been many, many nightmare cases from clients on holidays where, in some worst case scenarios, we’ve had to remove the lashes and give them a break to repair.

Enjoy your well deserved time away, prepare for your lashes before you leave so that you don’t even need to waste time thinking about them.