September 27, 2017

Damaged Lashes. The impact of extensions

Are you worried about extensions resulting in damaged lashes? There are plenty of horror stories and warnings on the internet about how dangerous lash extensions can be. Here is just one of the many horror stories circulating on the internet. We get many first time clients (even curious long term clients) timidly asking if their lashes will be ruined from extensions. The quick answer is yes. The condition of your natural lashes can indeed suffer from extensions… BUT your natural lashes should not suffer any damage at all if they are applied correctly. Meaning the correct length and weight that your lashes can handle, using the correct products. You must also follow all the aftercare steps and suggestions from your technician.

The following are some of the reasons you could have damaged lashes from extensions.

  • Continuously wearing extensions that are either too long or too heavy for your natural lashes
  • Having extensions that are applied incorrectly
  • Technicians using harmful, poor quality or incorrect products
  • Continuing to get extensions when you have allergic reactions to them
  • Not following the aftercare instructions properly can definitely attribute to damaged lashes
  • Pulling at the extensions or constantly rubbing your eyes

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Continuously wearing extensions that are either too long or too heavy for your natural lashes.

A reputable technician will assess your natural lashes regularly. Bring this up with your technician if you are worried about the condition of your natural lashes.  If you would like to prevent damaged lashes, speak to your technician. If you are seeing the same technician regularly, they will usually keep an eye on your lashes. Your lash artists job is to make sure your lashes are at their optimum health.

If your technician mentions that you could do with shortening your extensions, or swapping to a thinner fiber… Listen to her!  If you think about it, it is ideal for clients to return regularly. You will need to have a break if your lashes become too damaged to apply lash extensions. You might even have to stop getting extensions all together, which is not great for business. The health of your natural lashes is priority to a good lash salon/technician.

Having extensions that are applied incorrectly (inexperienced technician).

Do your research. Take recommendations and read reviews. As the lash industry grows, so do the amount of lash artists that are popping up everywhere. The popularity of extensions sees this service being offered as an add-on to many businesses. Places such as beauty salons, hair dressing salons and nail bars are examples of this. Not all, but many of these places are quick to rush into an extra service to bring in the additional income. This is where many of the inexperienced or uneducated technicians seem to arise from.

The internet is a wonderful place to find reputable salons with lots of great reviews. Look for salons that specialise in this area of beauty. As a technician myself, I can tell you that even though I learnt how to do lash extensions when I was 18, I did not consider myself any good at them until I started doing them regularly years later. And by regularly, I mean about 8 clients a day 5 days a week. That’s all I did day in, day out. There is a massive difference between someone who can do lashes and someone who specialises in them.

Technicians using harmful, poor quality or incorrect products.

Technicians cannot work around the poor quality of the products they are using no matter how experienced or talented they are. A place that specialises in eyelash extensions will be far more likely to use high quality products. Even a private technician who works from home could be using better products than an established business that has just added lashes to their treatment menu.

Continuing to get extensions when you have allergic reactions to them.

The sad reality of becoming allergic to lash extensions is that you must stop getting them. There is no way around it. If you have developed an allergy when you used to be able to get the extensions before, you still must stop. Your body will reject the lashes if you continue to get extensions applied. It will also become increasingly more uncomfortable or even painful every time you get them done. Your natural lashes will become so damaged from the aftermath of reactions. Tinting, lash lifts and growth serums are alternatives to lash extensions. If you are allergic to lash extensions it will do more harm to continue getting them.

Not following the aftercare instructions properly can definitely attribute to damaged lashes.

To maintain your extensions and to keep your natural lashes healthy follow the aftercare steps. Following these steps thoroughly to get the best out of the money you’ve spent on your sets and infills. If you aren’t too sure on any of the steps, ask your technician to clarify. Read this post for more information on aftercare and how to take care of your extensions and prevent damaged lashes.

Pulling at the extensions or constantly rubbing your eyes.

Continual pulling of your natural lashes will almost definitely result in a weaker regeneration of the lashes. Pulling and rubbing is a common cause of damage your natural lashes and is usually done subconsciously. It’s a habit you need to work on. You can try to get the people closest to you to make you aware of when you are pulling at your lashes.

Growth serums are the answer to increasing lash health. Most of the growth serums on the market today don’t affect the adhesion of the extensions. They are formulated so you are able to continue getting your extensions whilst using them. Growth serums should be applied onto the lash line, where it can be absorbed into the hair follicle. This stimulates the growth of the lashes, making them longer and stronger and promoting the regeneration of damaged lashes. Serums do not need to be used as a last resort either, think of them as a preventative as well as a solution to lash damage.

Go to the most reputable place within your reach. Go somewhere else if one place doesn’t work out or if the extensions are uncomfortable, painful or not what you want. There are a number of places specialising in extensions these days. Listen to direction. Like any professional in their trade, qualified and experienced technicians have some great personalised advise for their clients. Extensions should not result in damaged lashes.

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