November 5, 2018

6 Lash or Eyebrow Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of life-changing beauty and eyebrow hacks to make our lives easier and faces prettier. Whether you’re seeking thicker brows, longer eyelashes, or want to know how to pull off the hot tinted eyebrows look, we’ve got you sorted.

The world of beauty can be intimidating and scary if you’re new to it, but these lash and eyebrow hacks will give you on-fleek eyebrows so you can own the day with confidence. Even newbies will be able to use these hacks – and if you need some advice, feel free to wander into our lash extension salon to talk beauty!

How to pull off tinted eyebrows

Coloured or tinted eyebrows are a hot look that can either make you look like a glamorous model or a total clown. Rocking red, purple, or green eyebrows isn’t for everyone, but if something inside you really wants to give it a try, this is your guide to pulling off tinted eyebrows.

We don’t recommend tinting your brows at home unless you’re willing to risk the clown look, so when you’re ready to go for the coloured brow look, hit us up! We’ll make sure you get that edgy look you’re looking for.

Get rid of eye bags and dark circles

Even the best eyebrows and longest eyelashes in the world won’t look as good when you’ve got dark circles and bags under your eyes. Unfortunately, we’re all so tired and stressed from everyday life that these unwanted nuisances happen to us all!

Skip the concealer next time and try this beauty hack for removing dark circles and eye bags. It’ll make you look healthier, younger, and fresher – and your brows and lashes better!

Christmas tree eyebrow hack

Okay, this one is from last year but we’re hoping it’ll make a comeback for Chrissy this year! Created by Instagram star Taylor, this eyebrow trend for Christmas tree brows has to be one of our favourites. It may have had the internet divided, but we loved seeing the different ways people feather added sparkles and Christmas fun to their brows.

Check out the link above for a guide on how to do your own Christmas tree eyebrows, some inspiration from others. If you do try it out, tag us with your looks!

How to fake thicker eyebrows

Another hot look that’s in all the high fashion editorials, runways and pages of Vogue is bushy, untamed, thick eyebrows. If you’re not blessed with naturally bushy brows, there are ways to get around it. This hack reckons all you need to get bushier, thicker eyebrows is a bar of soap.

In fact, beauty bloggers reckon that you can use soap to get fuller & thicker eyebrows, as well as to groom them and keep them in place all day long. How’s that? Give it a try and let us know how you go!

9 grooming hacks for on-fleek eyebrows

This is the ultimate guide for trying to get the perfect brows at home. Filled with graphs, charts, and handy visual info for everything from finding the right eyebrow shape for your face, brushing your brows, eyebrow waxing & threading, and of course, shaping your brows.

For the ladies who aren’t ready to give their eyebrows up to the beauty pros, you’ll find these hacks are the closest you’ll get to on-fleek eyebrows at home.

Longer lashes for longer

The ultimate beauty lash hacks these days, and the beauty secret of most celebs, are lash extensions or lash lifts. Lash extensions mean you can ditch the falsies for natural-looking, longer lashes, and a lash lift is like a little perm for your lashes.

Why is it a beauty hack? Cos you get drop-dead gorgeous eyelashes that look natural, meaning you can forget about that daily mascara routine and wake up with beautiful lashes every day. Yeah, that’s definitely our favourite hack!

Let’s talk longer lashes and tinted eyebrows. Drop into our salon in Sutherland Shire and we’ll offer you the ultimate makeover with 15% off any set of eyelash extensions for all our new clients. Come to say hello!

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