July 26, 2018

How Much Should Eyelash Extensions Really Be Costing Me?

Eyelash extensions price – how much it cost?

A small flick through Google for “eyelash extensions in Sydney” will bring up different services, different options, and different eyelash extensions price. For someone who’s new to the scene of eyelash extensions or someone who’s just curious, these differences in options and pricing can be confusing. Any lady worth her weight knows the importance of budgeting, so before you go out and splurge on a set of lash extensions, make sure you know what you’re paying for!

Let’s try to answer the questions about eyelash extensions price:

  • The price of lash extensions
  • How much should infills cost me?
  • How much should I pay for a whole month of lash extensions?
  • Where can I find eyelash extension deals?

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how much you should be paying for a set of eyelash extensions. Any less than that, and you might be getting shoddy service. Any more, and you’re just lining the pockets of beauticians!

The price of lash extensions

First thing’s first – we’ve gotta point out that there are lots of different types of eyelash extensions out there. Some are better quality than others, some go on one strand at a time, others work in fans… the price of lash extensions will greatly be determined by what type of lashes you’re after and how long they’ll take to apply.

Just to give you an example, at Whiplash we have different options for lash extensions. Some are to create ultra-volume while others are there to give you a bit more zazz without being too glamorous. For the subtle look, we’ll add around 35-40 lashes per eye. For the ultra-glamorous voluminous look, we add up to 600 lash extensions to your eye. So you can see how price begins to play a part!

How much should infills cost me?

When looking at eyelash extension services online, you’ll find prices for initial applications and then another price for infills. Again, the difference in pricing here will have to do with the length of time it takes the technician to apply the lash extensions. Initial applications will generally take longer than infills, and so you’ll see that they cost a little more.

Pricing of infills will depend on how many weeks after your initial application you’re looking to get a touch-up and how many extensions need to be replaced. Generally, the closer you are to the initial application, the cheaper the infill price. This is because there’ll be fewer lashes to replace. Again, it’ll be determined by the type of eyelash extensions you’re after. The bolder of a look you’re going for, the more lashes will be required, and the more dollars you’ll have to throw down (for a good cause, obviously!)

How much should I pay for a whole month of lash extensions?

Generally, if you’re looking to spend a whole month batting lusty long lashes, then you’ll be requiring the initial application and then infills, roughly 3 weeks later. Again, this will all depend on the type of lashes you’re going for. But here’s a rough breakdown:

If you’re after the most basic set of classic eyelash extensions to just give your eyes a nice boost without anything too dramatic, you’d be looking at around $85 for an initial application, $55 for an infill session two weeks in. That adds up to be a maximum of $140 for the whole month. Not too bad!

For the ladies who want ultra-dramatic lashes a la JLO, you’d be looking at around $355 for an initial application of 500-600 lashes per eye and then $145 for infills at two weeks. That brings us to a slightly steeper but oh-so-much-sexier $500 for the month, but then it’s just the infills after that, as you don’t need a new set every time.

Where can I find eyelash extension deals?

So maybe you’ve taken in the pricing and are struggling to justify the cost to yourself. First of all, girl, you deserve anything that makes you beautiful (whether that’s inside or out), and there’s no price to feeling confident and sexy!

That said, we know beauty can be costly, and for that reason, we’d like to offer all new clients to our salon 15% off any set of eyelash extensions. That’s right, any set, even the deluxe one. You deserve it, ladies! This deal extends to anyone living in the Sutherland Shire and beyond! Come by, say hello, and let us give you the lashes of your dreams.

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