September 1, 2017

Getting extensions when pregnant

Eyelash extensions when pregnant

If you have never had eyelash extensions before and would like to try them for the first time whilst you are pregnant, most salons, including us, will recommend against it. The reason for this is not because they are  unsuitable to pregnancy, but because if, on the off chance, you have an allergy to any of the products used, having an allergic reaction while pregnant could be extremely harmful to your pregnancy. The safest option is to just wait until after you give birth to try them.

Have you had extensions before?

If you have previously had lash extensions before getting pregnant, it is fine to continue this. In fact, we have had many clients who continue getting extensions right up until giving birth. The adhesive used in the application (with reputable lash salons) is high quality and low fume adhesive. The extensions are only adhered to the natural lash and don’t even touch the skin. The chances of a reaction are very low. For most of our long term clients, lashes are essential for the photos taken moments after delivery, for that naturally glamorous look. We do find that there are many clients who can feel just a little bit more themselves with their extensions on.

Physical changes during your pregnancy

Although there are some changes to take note of whilst pregnant. Your body is going through so many physical and hormonal changes, and everyone goes through these changes differently.
Your hair growth changes. Sometimes your hair and nails and renewing themselves in overdrive, which will have you getting infills a lot sooner than you normally would. This is normal, and does not mean that you are not holding the extensions any more, it just means that your lashes are regenerating a lot faster than normal. Have a look here and here for some helpful insights on hair loss during pregnancy.


If you are feeling unwell, you need to consider if you will be ok to lie down for the duration of your infills. Your technician will do her best to make you as comfortable as possible, but if you find yourself needing to run to the bathroom to vomit every 30 minutes, it might be best to wait until you’re feeling better to start getting lashes again.

When your baby bump starts getting bigger, and you find it hard to lay on your back, your technician will be able to do one eye at a time, with you laying on one side at a time, but again, if you are finding yourself being restless when it comes to bedtime, you may need to just wait until a more fitting time to get lashes. One way to combat the situation of being uncomfortable during the application process is to get infills more regularly, so that you don’t need to be in your appointment for so long.

Using products

Using aftercare products while pregnant is usually unsuitable as well. Not because of any particular reason other than the simple fact that no one will test if products are harmful to pregnancy on a pregnant woman. This is true for many beauty/cosmetic products. It’s just better safe than sorry in this case. This is true especially for anything with active ingredients, such as those in growth serums.

This time is all about your baby and their health. If you do notice that during pregnancy you start to develop slight intolerances to any products you should bring it up with your technician and consider if it would be best to have a break and resume your extensions after you’ve given birth.

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