August 12, 2018

What’s the Latest Look in Lash Extensions?

There are eyelash extensions trends just as there are trends in fashion, hair, and makeup. Lash extensions are there to complement and enhance your look, and when that look changes style then so should your lashes!

Seven eyelash extensions trends  in 2018:

  •  Thick and long
  • Staggered lashes
  • Natural but dramatic
  • Different application techniques
  • No copycats
  • Thin and fine
  • Mascara on lash extensions

2018 is all about bright eyeshadows, bold, beautifully dark eyebrows, and luscious manes of hair. The latest eyelash extensions trends are designed to make this look even better, so if you’re into knowing what’s what, listen up.

1. Thick and long

No, it’s not what you think! While eyelash extensions trends in 2017 were all about length, length, length, this year there’s a massive emphasis on thickness as well as length. And they seem to be getting even thicker and longer as the year progresses! We can’t write that without giggling.

2. Staggered lashes

Lately, there’s been a lot of attention on achieving the ‘staggered lash’ look. Lash extensions look more natural when the lash line is more broken and irregular. The extensions are fixed along the natural lashes at different lengths, giving a natural wide-eyed look. This look isn’t suited to people with very thin eyelashes, so if that’s your case then see trend #5.

3. Natural but dramatic

It wasn’t long ago that eyelash extensions were there to highlight the look of your natural lashes, but now it’s all about that added drama and boosting! The latest lash extension looks to keep that natural appearance but with eyelashes that look a lot more dramatic. Think thick, long, bold, and boosted lashes that still look natural rather than overdone. We’re not quite ready to hit the town with ultra-glamorous drag queen lashes yet, but we’re slowly getting there…

4. Different application techniques

Trends don’t only exist in the way lash extensions look, but also in their application! There’s been a new trend in the application of lash extensions that we’ve seen around lately. Rather than placing one extension at a time on each separate eyelash, some people are fixing a couple of very fine lash extensions instead. You get twice the thickness, and it adds to that staggered look that everyone’s dying for lately.

5. No copycats

Another new eyelash extension trend emerging is ‘experimentation’. Not every lash look suits every face shape or features, and a style that suits one person won’t necessarily suit another. These days it’s all about experimenting, talking to your lash extension to know which look would best suit your features, and being OK with being unique! Love yourself and your natural features, and let lash extensions highlight your individuality.

6. Thin and fine

We want the look of thick eyelashes, but we want thin and fine individual lash extensions. The thinner and more refined, the better! You can fix more lash extensions onto your lashes when they’re finer, meaning you can create a lot more volume. So one other trend we’ve seen lately is that lust for thin and fine lash extensions. There’s also been an added focus on sourcing raw materials and animal-free products (for allergy, upkeep, and animal welfare reasons).

7. Mascara on lash extensions

We can’t get enough, can we? The darker, the bolder, the thicker, the better! A new trend that some people are loving but others aren’t so sure about is applying mascara over the top of lash extensions. Oil-free mascara, of course! This one all comes down to individual preference – a lot of ladies get lash extensions to stop using mascara.

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