September 23, 2018

A Busy Girl’s Guide to On Fleek Eyebrows

Don’t have time to draw on and perfect your brows every morning? We know that mums, career ladies, and busy bees might not have the time to stand in front of the mirror shaping, filling, and highlighting every day – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy eyebrows on fleek!

Great eyebrows don’t require daily maintenance. There are little things you can do here and there that minimise the time you have to spend in front of the mirror. For all those busy ladies who want great eyebrows without the effort, here’s our guide to getting (and keeping) on fleek brows!


1. Shape your eyebrows well

If you want eyebrows on point, you need them to have the perfect shape. Too many ladies tend to over-pluck their eyebrows, having to then stand in front of the mirror and fill them in every morning to perfect the look. Busy bees have no time for that! Instead, you’ll want to make sure your eyebrows are correctly shaped with a good old professional wax or threading.

Less time consuming than doing it yourself and over-plucking, a beauty technician will be able to define your arch and tail to shape your eyebrows in a way that enhances your facial structure. A good shape is the first step to effortless eyebrows on fleek!

2. Brows + hair = perfect match

For eyebrows on fleek, you want to make sure that they match your natural hair colour (or dyed hair colour). While this rule can be toyed around with a bit – some people like their brows a bit darker or lighter than their hair – it’s still important to make sure that the colour of your brows and hair match.

To avoid having to fill in and colour your eyebrows with a pencil each morning, have a professional do a colour match. They’ll help you pick out the exact colour that will give you bold, beautiful eyebrows without having to do a thing (besides give them a quick tint, of course).

3. Head to an eyebrow technician

With bold, on fleek eyebrows more attractive and in demand than ever (thank you Cara Delevingne), there are eyebrow technicians out there who can do all the hard work for you. A busy girl’s dream solution for perfect eyebrows with little maintenance, an eyebrow technician can completely redefine your brows to enhance your face shape and features.

Brow technicians can do everything from shape your brows, tint them to look thicker and match your hair, thread them to perfection, and do all the hard work so you walk away with no more eyebrow duties (for 6 weeks, at least). It’s the best way for busy ladies to wake up with gorgeous brows every morning and have one less thing to worry about. Check out our 7-step ultimate eyebrow treatment for a taste of the things we can do!

4. Know the basics

For those emergency situations, you still want to know how to quickly pull off on fleek brows at home. In that case, busy ladies, you’re best off getting real up close and personal with your eyebrows. Examine them closely and identify the main things you need to do to perfect them – are they a little too sparse and require filling? Are there too many stray hairs that need a bit of concealer to hide? Or maybe the shape isn’t as bold as you like and needs to be outlined.

Identify the most important routines your eyebrows need to go from drab to on fleek, so when you do need to fix them, you stick to the necessary steps. It can be too easy to get carried away following tutorials and filling, highlighting, shaping, and doing the whole shebang when your eyebrows might not need the full works anyway.

Know the basics, practice them, and you’ll have a quick “eyebrows on fleek” process down pat for those emergency situations (like forgetting to book in a brow maintenance with the eyebrow technician!)

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