November 10, 2017

The craziest brow trends of 2017

With social media haunting everyone’s movements, the internet is recording Millennials stupidest mistakes (brow trends) one Instagram post at a time. Yes, when I was in high school I wore thick, bold fluero shoelaces with my black polished school shoes because I was a #trendsetter. Sadly no trends were set and you could find me in a sea of blue and tartan private school uniforms from any given position of my school. Thankfully for me I had no social media profiles. I lie, there was a sad MySpace account that I had managed to turn background and font to the same bright orange so it was impossible to read any text without highlighting random areas of the page. But other than that, there was only the memory of my dear childhood friends to remember my youthful quirks. Which I can easily deny if need be.

The poor youth of today have dug themselves a hole. As a beauty therapist who specialises in lashes and brows, I pay particular attention to the new trends. I can assure you that I, or my colleagues, have not yet been asked to partake in any of these creative brow ventures.  I present to you the weirdest and most confusing brow trends of 2017. Thank you Millennials. May these horror stories follow you throughout your entire life.

The Squiggle Brow

This must be the most #trending crazy brow at the moment. It seems to have enraged the majority of the population who are over, say 20 years old. Yes they are very peculiar, but I don’t see the need to spit online abuse at the clearly talented and perhaps extremely bored artists who’ve created and recreated these brows. It does present as an optical illusion, just on the face. After some very basic (bordering lazy) online research, I am glad to say these do not need to be waxed or tweezed into shape. What a relief. Although, the first tutorial I attempted to watch involved spreading craft glue on the brow, brushing the brows into the squiggly shape and then applying brow makeup over it to define the shape. That’s about enough time I’d like to dedicate to researching this delightful trend to be honest. On to the next.

Feather Brows

Not to be confused with the cosmetic tattooing technique of ‘feathering’. This trend does not take hours of practice and extensive certifying of the practitioner. Coincidentally enough, this trend uses craft glue as well. I’m sensing a pattern here. From what I can see, glue is smothered over the brow and then fashioned in a way that makes the brow appear as a feather. I think it looks cool. Better than the squiggle brow to me. And the plus side, it does allow those stray hairs to add to the creation.

Split Brows

Now this one hits home a bit more than the others. It’s similar enough to the tres cool ‘step’ in the brow from the late 90’s early 00’s. I remember confidently hacking at my little brothers best friend’s left brow with a disposable razor. Poor little guy. Oh well, thankfully for him he has no digital footprint recording that incident. So this particular trend does not involve removing hair from the area or any type of glue. It is purely special FX. First a brow is penciled in, as normal, and then foundation or concealer painted over the areas that you want to appear without hair. Simple enough. Unfortunately I have found some uninformed enthusiasts have indeed been shaving their brows to create this look. Many lols.


These brow trends are fun. Remember the Jennifer Aniston pencil-thin days? I still have clients going through rehab from those terrible times. At least these brow trends are mostly irreversible and only recorded permanently on the internet forever. We cannot help you with these amazing and insane works of art. We can however help with a traditional brow shape, perhaps a little tint on the side. We have a slightly different style here in Cronulla, Sydney. Have a look at our brow work here.

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