October 1, 2018

5 Aussie Beauty Vloggers We Love

The ultimate beauty secret these days is just following a good beauty vlogger on Youtube. Not sure how to use that brightly coloured eyeshadow? Youtube. Need some beauty hacks to hide your blemishes? Youtube. Hair tips? Youtube. Eyebrow shaping tutorials? Youtube!

Whether you’re looking for product reviews, makeup tutorials, hair styling advice or beauty career advice, you’ll find a beauty vlogger out there who’ll help you look flawless time and time again. For us Aussie ladies, here are 5 Australian beauty vloggers you should follow for hot tips on looking good in the land down under.

1. Lauren Curtis

We’ve gotta start with this beauty guru! Lauren Curtis is probably Australia’s best known beauty vlogger, with over 3 million followers and more than 300 videos for you to crawl through. She’s perfected that natural-yet-glam look, with lots of videos in that direction, but will also throw in those epic makeup tutorials every now and then.

Just as funny and entertaining as she is blessed with the makeup brush, Lauren posts everything from makeup hauls, product reviews, healthy recipes, everyday beauty tips & tricks, life chats, travel videos, and more! With that said, if you’re strictly after makeup tutorials then you might be better off looking elsewhere – Lauren likes her entertaining videos just as much as the makeup ones.

Most popular video (click to watch):

2. Shani Grimmond

Genuine, honest, and not afraid to have a laugh! Shani is our go-to beauty vlogger for epic makeup and clothing hauls, glam festival looks, and good old Youtube binges. Shani’s just as good for funny chats & videos as she is for makeup tutorials, and she can get really up-close and personal (check out her boob job vlog!)

There’s a makeup tutorial for everyone here, from badass bitch to au natural girl-next-door. Shani is always super honest and relatable, reminding us all that you can make fun of yourself and still look hot – very liberating!

Most popular video (click to watch):

3. Danielle Mansutti

This gorgeous half-English babe is known for her subtle, matte makeup looks. If you’re looking to perfect that feminine, doll-like, airbrushed face and on fleek eyebrows, Danielle is your gal! Honest and down-to-earth, Danielle has broken away from focusing just on makeup and beauty, with new channels devoted to fitness, self-love, and positivity.

You’ll find everything from beauty tips, booty workouts, product reviews, fashion talk, hair & makeup tutorials, travel tips & diaries, and real talk about social media, happiness, and mental health.

Most popular video (click to watch):

4. Jess Bunty

The above ladies will help you perfect your makeup routine, but Jess will make sure you’ve got gorgeous, healthy skin underneath it all! She’s like our online dermatologist, posting lots and lots of DIY home beauty recipes & remedies, tips for oily skin and acne, and loads of honest skincare product reviews.

Before splurging on that acne cream, face cream, or foundation, it’s always worth seeing what Jess has to say about it! The queen of putting the health of your skin back into your hands, Jess is your gal for healthy, glowing skin.

Most popular video (click to watch):

5. Bella Fiori

Our go-to Aussie beauty vlogger suggestion for ladies who are new to the world of makeup, Bella has loads of beauty tutorials for beginners who need a bit of guidance. While some of the other vloggers have the technique down pat and assume you have a bit of know-how, Bella’s got all the instructions to make sure makeup newbies look hot from the get-go.

There are lots and lots of easy, neutral looks to perfect here, from the subtle to the glam! Besides the usual clothing hauls, makeup tutorials, and product reviews, Bella’s also got a lot of unsolved mystery and conspiracy videos thrown in the mix… just for something different!

Most popular video (click to watch):

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