Hybrid Lashes

  • Natural Hybrid


    70% Classic 30% Volume

    A blend of both the classic and volume creating a fuller lash line. Perfect for those who get classic lashes but are looking for that extra volume

    Infill Guide:

    2 weeks $85
    3 weeks $100

  • Enhanced Hybrid


    40% Classic 60% Volume

    Gives a fluffier appearance to the lashes plus adding fullness.  A perfect medium between Classic and Volume.

    Infill Guide:

    2 weeks $97.50
    3 weeks $112.50

PLEASE NOTE: Infill prices vary depending on how many extensions are intact and how much work is needed on your existing extensions. These prices are a guide only.

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Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of Volume lashes and Classic lashes . Offering a more textured look giving you the best of both worlds. Perfect for those who have sparse lashes but want a fuller look.

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  • Classic

    The traditional method of applying one extension to one natural lash. Quite a natural look as less lashes are applied.

    A little less

  • Volume

    The most lashes we offer. An entire set of hand-made Volume fans to create the stunning and extremely fluffy look.

    A little more

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