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Large Volume Sets

Using the Russian Volume technique, also commonly referred to as 3D volume lashes. The technique originates from Russia, where the technician fans out two or more lashes and places them on to a single natural lash to create the sets. The Large Volume sets have between 500-600 lashes per eye and are the fullest set we do at Whiplash. This set is most commonly applied for brides, models and actresses for a special occasion.

The Russian technique uses specialised eyelash extensions that are 0.07mm diameter which makes it possible to adhere so many extensions to the natural lash. The diameter of classic lash extensions are 0.15mm at least.

The volume lash extensions are very different to cluster lashes or flares, where multiple lashes are pre-fanned and come already bonded at the base. The Russian volume extensions are all hand made during your appointment. Your technician makes each fan, carefully fanning out multiple lashes using their tweezers right before attaching them to your lashes. The procedure is very delicate and much more intricate than classic extensions, which is why the appointment takes a lot longer.

Volume Lashes